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Hybrid WORM Disk for Servers

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For Servers and Robots

A corporate or institution can safely protect its data from any source attacks by backing up data from its web server or database server to the Hybrid WORM Disk.

You can also switch your existing network storage to a hybrid WORM disk by installing FilingBox on top of your network storage.

Complete ransomware prevention on Linux/Windows server

FilingBox for Server provides WORM based network drives to existing servers. Once the data is created, even the applications with root privileges cannot modify or delete data on WORM based network drives.

Only when the FilingBox administrator changes the disk mode from WORM disk to Read/Write mode, the data can be modified or deleted. In case of a web server, the web source files or uploaded files are saved in the WORM based Network drive to prevent deface or Ransomware attacks.

Hybrid WORM Disk functionality

Hybrid WORM Disk, which improves the security and efficiency of data archiving, is a Ransomware prevention technology that complements the disadvantages of many existing Ransomware prevention technologies such as antivirus, behavior detection based prevention solution disk and WORM disk.

One of the best ways to keep data from Ransomware is backup. However, backup is a treatment, not a prevention. If you are in a hurry, you will not be able to wait for the recovery of the files. Also, you will not be able to completely recover the files.

AntiVirus Behavior Detection Backup Hybrid
Known Ransomware Prevention O O O O
Prevention of new / variant Ransomware O O O O
Block forgery / encryption of data(Read Mode) X O O
Structurally blocked from local drives X X O O
Utilization of storage spaces by enabling editting X X O O
Convert existing file server to Hybrid WORM Disk X X X O


question Is it charged per user? Or charged per server?
answer It is provided with basic server charge + per user basis.
question Is it required to install an additional client to access?
answer It doesn't require an additional installation since the basic access environment is web-based. However, an additional agent needs to be installed to use the network drive connection.
question Does the user have to set an additional environment information to access the web-hard?
answer For the web access, it is possible to access by entering URL only without setting an additional environment. But, for the network drive access agent, it will be possible to access by entering the access address and port number after entering ID/Password.
question How can the user share his folder with another user?
answer Once the user generates the sharing folder where he or she wants and register the user who wants to share, the registered user will be able to access the sharing folder.
question Why FilingBox is safe from the ransomware attack?
answer FilingBox is network file server that prevent ransomware.
While, in general, all data get automatically encrypted once ransomware accesses the hard disk or network drive on your PC, FilingBox operates on the PC as a network drive, but files are only able to be modified when requested by managing through Windows Explorer, and protects them from the attacks of ransomware that try to encrypt files since it provides files with an read-only access.
question Can I watch a demo video that shows FilingBox prevents ransomware?
answer Please, search FilingCloud™ on YouTube.
question Who are using FilingBox?
answer Currently, KB Kookmin Bank, KB Kookmin Card, NH Investment & Securities, Rush Korea are some of our customers using them.
question Can I try a free trial version?
answer For public organizations or medical facilities where networks are partitioned, we personally install the free trial that can be used for 6 months (first 10 organizations every month on a first come, first served basis). For regular enterprises, it is possible to try a free trial of cloud version.

Please, contact our customer service for in-depth consultation if you wish to purchase
additional options or an enterprise level package.

We are looking for domestic retailers forFilingBoxthe only technology that can prevent ransomware 100%.

It is possible when you have on-site support technicians and maintain a close relationship with customers who need ransomware prevention. For any retailer inquiry, we will contact you soon after submitting a 1:1 Q&A form. Thank you.