FilingBox MINI

The Ultimate Ransomware Prevention Solution!

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For Professionals and Teams

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The Ultimate Ransomware Prevention Solution!

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For Professionals and Teams

filingbox mini client download buton View and download brochure
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Anyone Can Keep Valuable Data Secure with Reasonable Price.

FilingBox MINI is a Netword-Attached Storage for freelancers, professionals, teams, and small businesses. Its advanced technologies help them protect their priceless files, assets, information, etc.

Once MINI is connected to the router, the files in it always can be created and read. However, they only can be modified or deleted when users access to them from Windows Explorer.

The data in MINI is always prevented from unauthorized access due to the Hybrid WORM(Write Once Read Many) Disk technology, and is not readable except authorized users by enabling encryption mode which also prevents data leaks.

Where do you keep your valuable data?

Storing valuable data in computer drives is unsecure and makes it difficult to collaborate. USB drives are convenient to carry, but data can be lost and leaked, even encrypted USB drives can't prevent ransomware attacks. So, we need something new to help keep our data safe!

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FilingBox MINI Features

Automated Setup
Simply add users once devices have been automatically found by the MINI client
Complete Ransomware Prevention
Complete Ransomware prevention with Hybrid WORM(Write Once Read Many) Disk technology
Windows Explorer-based personal and team work environment
Encrypted Backup
Automatic encrypted backup on cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive & OneDrive
Remote Synchronization
The cloud backup feature provides Remote device synchronization for collaborating with other offices.
Multi-OS Support
Support for both Windows and macOS for easy team collaboration

FilingBox MINI Use Cases

Design Sources
Programming Sources
Image/Video Files
R&D Data
Intellectual Assets
Diverse Original Data
Small Businesses
Business Data
Financial Data
Customer Information
Sales Data
Branch Offices
Project Deliverables
Work Data
Business Trip Data
Task Force Data
Political Campaign Data
HR Data
Public Institutions
Personal Information
Civil Service Data
Reference Documents
Public Records
Public Expense Data


question Why MINI is safe from the ransomware attack?
answer While, in general, all data get automatically encrypted once ransomware accesses the hard disk or network drive on your PC. MINI operates as a network drive, but files are only able to be modified when requested by managing through Windows Explorer, and protects them from the attacks of ransomware that try to encrypt files since it provides files with an read-only access.
question Can I watch a demo video that shows MINI prevents ransomware?
answer Yes. You can find demo videos on our YouTube channel, FilingCloud.

Please, contact our customer service for in-depth consultation if you wish to purchase additional options or an enterprise level package.

We are looking for domestic retailers for FilingBox MINI the only technology that can prevent ransomware 100%.

It is possible when you have on-site support technicians and maintain a close relationship with customers who need ransomware prevention.
For any retailer inquiry, we will contact you soon after submitting a 1:1 Q&A form. Thank you.