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About FilingCloud

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FilingCloud™ provides
a cloud service for collaboration.

We have focused on researching the behavioral psychology of an organization and developing the very technology that can support it for collaboration for more than 10 years. Before developing the technology, we always first thought about inducing a habit and changing the way the users behave for them to acquire a good habit for the security purpose and collaborating effectively.

An effort to develop the collaborative cloud

We didn't simply provide the technology that is easy to use and beefed up with a securiy feature but tried to develop a collaborative cloud where users themselves acquire a housekeeping habit through using their co-workers' documents, maintain a habit of being security-conscious as a part of their lives, or get a habit of sharing the outcomes with their colleagues.

Providing various products to more than 50 businesses

We developed numerous collaborative cloud solutions such as FilingBox that housekeeps documents for members, FilingPlanner that aggregates the outcomes of members, FilingLogon that helps members to be security conscious as a part of their lives, FilingPassword that manages the members' passwords automatically, and FilingMembers that collectively manages the members' system accounts. We have successfully provided them to more than 50 businesses.

FilingCloud™ will continue to aim at developing the technology andbehavioral pattern on which not only each individual's task performance but the core value of an organization can grow also.